Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pete Turner [Contemporary Photography]

Born in 1934, Pete Turner helped to modernize the art of photography. Through unusual compositions and bold colors, Turner dared to take the art to a new level. His interest in photography began early when he got his first camera at the age of 7. His passion grew all through school and eventually Turner went on to work for National Geographic Magazine. He traveled around the world experimenting and developing his knowledge of color photography. After his travels, Turner got into advirtisement photography because of his skills with color saturation.

This picture, entitled Giraffe, was at first a mistake. When returning from Africa, Turner realized that the shot was well overexposed. In an attempt to save the picture he added his own colors. At first he added just one which didn't look nice. Then he decided to add magenta for the sky and purple for the ground. He was pleased with the outcome and this became one of his most famous shots.

Another one of Turner's classics called Doorway to Nowhere.

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