Friday, August 6, 2010

Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre [Historical Photographer]

Daguerre was influential because he was one of the most famous of those who invented photography. He began working as a stage designer, using a camera obscura to help in getting the perspectives right when painting. In 1835 he accidentally discovered that he could develop a latent image onto a plate. In 1837 he found out how to fix the image, making it permanent. He called this process Daguerreotype.
The Daguerreotype process included:
1. Expose copper plates to iodine.
2. Expose plates to light.
3. Develop plates.
4. Fix plates.
5. Rinse plates.

This picture, taken in 1839, was one of the first Daguerre used. The streets look empty because of the long exposure time and the fast moving people. However, there is a man getting his shoes shined on the corner of the street. These two men might have been the first to ever be photographed.

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