Monday, July 26, 2010

Jeremy Cowart [Contemporary Photographer]

When I was thinking about pursuing photography I knew that I needed to purchase my very own DSLR. Now I have owned quite a few cameras in my day, two 35mm film cameras and an assortment of digital point and shoots over the years that all seem to pretty much do the same thing. However, there was something so captivating about a DSLR. Maybe it was the colors that weren't washed out by a bright flash or it might have been the juxtaposition of the sharp foreground against a blury, dreamy background. Whatever it was, I had to have one. Luckily my parents agreed to let me practically spend my life savings and buy a Canon 40D. I have to admit that I bought it without really knowing what I was buying, but nevertheless I am pleased with my purchase.

Jeremy Cowart is the photographer that first sparked my desire for this camera. Being a business photographer, Cowart is probably not well known in the art world. However, I found his images to be very artsy. He photographs everything from bands to adds for tv shows to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. He has a love for photography and people, a combination that is golden for a photography business. I am inspired by his work and I think I can learn a lot from him.
People of Haiti. The sign reads "The people are fine but our hearts are still filled with sorrow."

One of my favorite bands, Paper Route. The texture added to the picture makes for a unique atmosphere.

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