Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jeff Chien Hsing-Liao [Contemporary Photographer]

My eyes got wide as I stumbled upon this photographer. Maybe it was the colors, maybe the light, or maybe the amazingly wide angle lens he uses. Nevertheless the combination was astounding.

LIRR, Hunter's Point

There is something magical about this photograph. It makes me want to grab my camera and drive up to D.C. just in time for the sunset to attempt to capture the same moment. This picture tells a story. It is unsuspectingly beautiful.

I was recently commissioned (by my brother) to take pictures of a model home for the website he is creating for my parents business (home building). After doing some research on realty photography I felt well enough prepared for the task. Fortunately they weren't paying me for my services because the pictures turned out pretty poorly. I have discovered that a big part of the reason was my lens. I have a zoom lens, a standard one that came with the camera, but it is very limiting. When taking pictures of the house it was impossible to get a picture of a whole room. The lens would cut off a lot of the view, making most of my pictures useless. I have been thinking a lot about getting a wide angle or maybe a fixed lens to allow for more versatility. I think these photos might have just convined me. However, I do still need to do a lot of research about them before I spend all my money. I think a new type of lens would really help in my senior sem work because it adds a dramatic element to the picture.

I'll leave you with a few more of Liao's images.

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